CH 370/CH387D


Physical Methods for Biochemistry - W

Dr. Hackert  -- Fall  2010

TuTh   8:00-9:15;  WEL 2.304

  X-ray Precession Photo 

(HDC - PtCl4 Derivative)

Exam 3 Key is now posted:  re-grades due 12/9 by noon.

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Final is optional for students with an A, A-, B+, B or B- at the end of the semester. 

EM Reconstruction of PDC

 (Reed, Stoops, et al.)


Links:    Instructor:  Dr. Marvin Hackert

  Off Hrs:  W  11-12, F 10:30-11:30   WEL 5.266B     (other times as arranged)

  TA:  Michelle Schoonover

Off Hrs: 

Tu 11-12, Th 3-4 BME 6.102 (or by appointment)       

Weekly Rev.:  M 5-6  WEL 2.246 or TBA   


Reference Book: "Principles of Physical Biochemistry" by van Holde / Johnson / Ho  - Printice Hall - either 2nd Edition (2006; ISBN 0-13-046427-9) or the 1st Edition (1998; ISBN # 0-13-720459-0 (recommended / not required)   

    Textbook:  To a large extent the course will be based on class notes.  A text is available for those who want the added reference.  In addition to the course text, several books that support the course content will be on reserve in the chemistry library, including "Physical Biochemistry" by Cantor & Schimmel and "Nucleic Acid Structure" by W. Saenger.  A set of lecture notes will be posted as we go thru the course.  The lectures and summary notes will cover all the material that you will be responsible for on exams.  Notes in PDF format are easy to read and print but require Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Use the link to get a free copy of this useful software. 

    CH370 has a substantial writing component and fulfills part of the basic writing requirement for a degree from UT-Austin.  See the bullet on "Writing Assignments" for more information.  

    Within the html lecture notes are subject links that link to web tutorials or additional resources.  Some of these require the plug-in CHIME to display and manipulate molecules.  CHIME does not work on all network browsers - Netscape 4.7 recommended.   Use this link if you do not have CHIME and need to have this plug-in loaded.

 (Note:  These Course WebPages incorporate many links and some copyrighted figures used for this course and should not be used for any other purpose.)